The UK Mathematics Trust was founded in 1996 and our charitable aim is to advance the education of young people in mathematics.

We do this by working with hundreds of volunteers across the UK to organize competitions promoting problem solving and team work and other mathematical enrichment activities.

From school challenges to international competitions

Our biggest competitions are the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges, which have over 700 000 entries each year, and are the UK's most popular school Mathematical Challenges. We invite the highest-scoring students to take part in follow-on rounds such as the Junior, Grey, Pink and Senior Kangaroos and the Junior, Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads.

We invite high scorers in the Senior Mathematical Challenge to sit the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1, which feeds in to the training and selection of the team to represent the UK at the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad, the annual Olympic games of mathematics, and other international competitions.

Promoting teamwork and communication skills

Our Team and Senior Team Maths Challenges encourage students to work collaboratively on a range of intriguing mathematical problems.

Each year, dozens of Regional Finals of these competitions take place across the UK and culminate in a National Final attended by around 90 high-scoring teams.

Encouraging a love of problem solving

Our enrichment activities aim to open young people's minds to the breadth and depth of mathematics.

Each year, hundreds of students participate in our Summer Schools. These week-long residential events mix mathematical and social activities and welcome young people into our mathematical community.

Mathematical Circles take place around the UK and offer students the opportunity to come together and do mathematics with other young people from their area.

Our Mentoring Scheme puts enthusiastic young mathematicians in touch with volunteer mentor who help them through monthly sets of challenging mathematical problems.

Help us to advance the education of young people in mathematics

As a registered charity, we rely on the skills and experience of over 400 dedicated volunteers. There are volunteering opportunities available to suit people with a variety of backgrounds. Our volunteer roles require a range of time commitments and skills but each one provides excellent opportunities for professional development.

We rely on sponsorship to help fund our work. Please contact us to talk about becoming a sponsor.

If you or someone you know has benefited from our work, please consider making a donation. We appreciate every donation and every penny will go towards fulfilling our aim to advance the education of young people in mathematics.