Helping schools to support enthusiastic young mathematicians

Most of our work is done in collaboration with schools. School mathematics teachers are best placed to understand the needs of the young people in their classes, and we want to do whatever we can to support them to nurture the next generation of mathematicians.

Supporting enthusiastic young mathematicians

Some young people excel in school mathematics and there is sometimes a tendency for students to be accelerated through public examinations.

We have a consistent view that this is often not the best course of action. Read our Policy on the Education of Able Students (PDF).

There is a world of challenging problems for young people to tackle, no matter their age and stage. Our Mathematical Challenges and Olympiads are excellent sources of challenging problems. Your child's mathematics teacher may wish to sign them up for our Mentoring Scheme.

Enthusiastic young mathematicians will enjoy working through our books, available from our shop.

There are many excellent websites for mathematics enrichment, such as NRICH and Numberphile.

How do I find out how my child performed in a recent competition?

The vast majority of our activities, including Mathematical Challenges, are run by schools and colleges.

We send all competition results to schools and colleges as quickly as possible after the competition date. Certificates follow shortly after.

Please contact your child's school about competition results.

Can my home-educated child take part in UKMT competitions?

Yes. Young people educated at home may participate in our competitions through a school that is a registered UKMT centre, at the discretion of the school. Parents or carers of home-educated young people should contact a nearby school directly to make such arrangements.