Use of UKMT intellectual property

  1. All materials published by the UK Mathematics Trust are protected by copyright legislation and may not be copied or made available electronically in whole or in part without permission from the UK Mathematics Trust.
  2. We give permission for UKMT centres to use our intellectual property as detailed below. In all other cases, permission to use our intellectual property must be obtained. UKMT always retains copyright.

Use by UKMT centres

  1. We give permission for institutions with a UKMT Centre Number to reproduce or make available past UKMT competition materials provided they:
    1. only use the materials for teaching purposes within the institution;
    2. do not charge anyone for access to these materials;
    3. ensure that the UK Mathematics Trust is acknowledged as the copyright holder.
  2. Copies of UKMT materials may be placed on the institution’s internal network or virtual learning environment provided that they are for use only by the institution’s community and cannot be accessed publicly.


Last updated: April 2017
Approved by Council: October 2019
To be reviewed every 2 years. Next review: January 2020