The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust is a company limited by guarantee (no. 3271283) and a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1059125). Our VAT number is 214255439.

Our Council (also known as Board of Trustees) has control over, and legal responsibility for, our management and administration. Council sets the long-term strategic direction of the organisation and delegates tasks to Board Committees and the Executive Director. The Executive Director may, in turn, delegate tasks to Subtrusts (also known as Executive Commitees) and members of staff.

We operate within our Articles of Association.

Board of Trustees

Trustee Appointed by Additional Board responsibilities Term ends (term number)
Dr David Crawford Mathematical Association Treasurer Apr 2024 (3)
Mrs Rachel Dorris The Royal Institution   Oct 2022 (2)
Mr James Gazet Board Vice Chair, Designated Safeguarding Lead Apr 2022 (2)
Mr Carl James Board   Aug 2024 (2)
Mr Graham Keniston-Cooper Board Chair Apr 2023 (2)
Mr Mark Knapton Members Chair of Audit and Finance Board Committee Mar 2024 (2)
Dr Gerry Leversha Board   Apr 2022 (2)
Miss Jenny Ramsden Board   Oct 2023 (2)
Prof. Alastair Rucklidge Board Chair of Nominations and Remuneration Board Committee  Apr 2021 (3)



Board Committees

Audit and Finance Board Committee

  • Dr David Crawford
  • Mr Mark Knapton (Chair)
  • Miss Jenny Ramsden MBE

Investment Board Committee

  • Dr David Crawford
  • Mr Paul Jefferys
  • Mr Graham Keniston-Cooper
  • Prof. Adam McBride
  • Mr Simon Yun-Farmbrough

Nominations and Remuneration Board Committee

  • Dr Katie Chicot
  • Mr Carl James
  • Prof. Frances Kirwan
  • Dr Vicky Neale
  • Prof. Alastair Rucklidge (Chair)

Risk and Compliance Board Committee

  • Prof. Chris Budd
  • Mrs Rachel Dorris
  • Mr James Gazet
  • Ms Sanja Hukovic (Chair)

Executive Committees

British Mathematical Olympiad

  • Dr James Cranch
  • Dr Ceri Fiddes
  • Mr James Gazet
  • Dr Vesna Kadelburg (Secretary)
  • Prof. Imre Leader
  • Dr Joseph Myers
  • Mr Dominic Rowland
  • Dr Geoff Smith (Chair)
  • Dr Dominic Yeo


  • Ms Anne Baker
  • Dr David Crawford
  • Mrs Karen Fogden
  • Mr Daniel Griller
  • Mr Howard Groves
  • Mr Carl James (Chair)
  • Dr Calum Kilgour
  • Prof. Adam McBride
  • Mr Paul Murray
  • Miss Jenny Ramsden (Secretary)
  • Dr Alex Randolph
  • Professor Chris Robson
  • Dr Alan Slomson
  • Mrs Rosie Wiltshire

Team Maths Challenges

  • Mr Phil Beckett
  • Mr Mark Dennis (Vice-Chair)
  • Miss Pam Hunt
  • Ms Andrina Inglis
  • Ms Patricia Matheson (Secretary)
  • Mr Stephen Muligan (Chair)
  • Mrs Heather Reeve


  • Mr José Brandão
  • Dr Katie Chicot
  • Ms Sue Cubbon (Chair) 
  • Dr Julian Gilbey
  • Mr James Hall
  • Mrs Lorna Piper
  • Miss Abigail Royal
  • Dr Alan Slomson


  • Mr Robin Bhattacharyya
  • Mrs Mary Teresa Fyfe
  • Mr James Gazet
  • Dr Calum Kilgour
  • Dr Gerry Leversha (Chair)
  • Mr Nick Lord
  • Mr Stephen Power
  • Mr Dominic Rowland

Problems Groups

Problems Groups oversee the setting of competition papers. The chairs of the Problems Groups are as follows.

Problems Group Chair
Junior Mathematical Challenge Mr Howard Groves
Junior Kangaroo Dr David Crawford
Junior Mathematical Olympiad Vacant
Intermediate Mathematical Challenge Mr Howard Groves
Grey Kangaroo Dr David Crawford
Pink Kangaroo Mr Paul Murray
Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads Mr Daniel Griller
Senior Mathematical Challenge Mrs Karen Fogden
Senior Kangaroo Mr Carl James
British Mathematical Olympiad Mr Dominic Rowland
Mathematical Olympiad for Girls Dr Vesna Kadelburg
Primary Team Maths Resources Mr Dennis Pinshon


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