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Summer Schools

A Summer School group photo

The first National Mathematics Summer School was held at The Queen's College, Oxford in July 1994. It was the brainchild of Dr Tony Gardiner who ran the first five, from 1994 to 1998. The UKMT's British Mathematical Olympiad Subtrust took over the organisation with effect from 1999; UKMT's Enrichment Subtrust took over in 2015. The first two summer schools were held at The Queen's College, Oxford, the 1996 summer school at University College, Oxford and from 1997 to 2012 the summer schools were held at Queen's College, Birmingham; from 2013 the summer schools have been held at Woodhouse Grove School and at the University of Oxford.

Initially there was a single summer school each year. A second summer school was introduced in 2007, and further summer schools have been held since 2013.

Attendance at the UKMT Summer Schools is by invitation only, and selection of students to invite is based on performance in UKMT Maths Challenges and follow-on rounds. Invitations are normally sent to students via their school in May.

National Mathematics Summer Schools

Each year, National Mathematics Summer Schools are held in July and August for students mainly in school years 10 and 11 (ages 14-16). Roughly 40 students attend each summer school for a week of lectures, problem-solving sessions, mathematical competitions and explorations, and social events. A group of seniors who have attended previous summer schools is also present.

Students for the National Mathematics Summer Schools are invited based on performances in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge.

From 2013 the July summer schools have been held at Woodhouse Grove School and the August summer schools at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford.

Summer School for Girls

A Summer School for Girls has been held in Oxford in August from 2013. Around 40 students are selected to attend based on performances in the Intermediate Olympiad and Intermediate Kangaroo

The academic programme will introduce students to a number of mathematical topics that they may not have met before, and will allow them to develop important mathematical skills such as problem solving and proof. They will have lots of opportunities to work with each other and with the members of staff. The mathematical activities will be intensive and designed to stimulate around 40 of the UK's most talented young female mathematicians. However, there will also be time for relaxation with evening events such as a concert in which students can display their musical, dramatic or juggling ability!

Our thanks go to the Mathematical Institute; the Operational Research Society; Balliol College, Oxford and St Anne's College, Oxford for their support of the UKMT Summer Schools.


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