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Senior Mentoring

The SMS is aimed primarily at those pupils aged 15-18 who have performed well in the Senior Maths Challenge, and ideally qualified automatically for the BMO1 or Maclaurin Intermediate Maths Olympiad.

Students on this scheme are normally mentored by an external mentor. Participation is by invitation or teacher recommendation only and is subject to the availability of mentors.

Papers and solutions

All the papers are pdf format. Solutions will not appear until at least two months after the question papers.

Date Question papers Solutions
Apr 2014QuestionsSolutions
Mar 2014QuestionsSolutions
Feb 2014QuestionsSolutions
Jan 2014QuestionsSolutions
Dec 2013QuestionsSolutions
Nov 2013QuestionsSolutions
Oct 2013QuestionsSolutions
Apr 2013QuestionsSolutions
Mar 2013QuestionsSolutions
Feb 2013QuestionsSolutions
Jan 2013QuestionsSolutions
Dec 2012QuestionsSolutions
Nov 2012QuestionsSolutions
Oct 2012QuestionsSolutions
April 2012QuestionsSolutions
March 2012QuestionsSolutions
February 2012QuestionsSolutions
January 2012QuestionsSolutions
December 2011QuestionsSolutions
November 2011QuestionsSolutions
October 2011QuestionsSolutions

If you would like to join one or more of these schemes please contact us, specifying which
scheme(s) you would like to join.


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