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Junior Mathematical Olympiad

Around 1,200 of the highest scorers in the JMC are invited to participate in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad.

It consists of a two-hour paper of more in-depth mathematical problems to which there are two sections: Section A requires answers only whereas full written solutions are required for Section B. For some pupils this may be an unfamiliar exercise and an enjoyable introduction to this kind of mathematical activity. Papers are set and marked by the UKMT, as for the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad. Note that papers are marked almost immediately after the JMO date as we aim to return them to all candidates before the end of the summer term.

Based on the total score (A plus B sections; maximum score = 70) book prizes and certificates are awarded. The top scoring 25% of all candidates receive a Certificate of Distinction. Of those scoring below this, candidates who make a good attempt at the paper (usually a score of 8+, but may be moderated based on the score distribution) will receive a Certificate of Merit. Of the remaining candidates, those who qualified automatically for the JMO via the JMC receive a Certificate of Qualification. Discretionary (paid-for) candidates are only eligible for Distinction and Merit certificates. The top 50 scorers will be awarded a book prize; the title varies from year to year.

Medals are awarded on a different basis to certificates and prizes. The medal-awarding total will be the Section A mark + Section B marks that are 5 or more. (Section B marks of 4 or less will not count towards the medal-awarding total.) The top 210 will receive a medal; gold: silver: bronze 30:60:120.

The Junior Olympiad 2016 prize/certificate thresholds were:
Prize/Distn/Merit 52/34/8

The Junior Olympiad 2016 medal thresholds (based on the medal-awarding total as described above) were:
Gold/Silver/Bronze 55/44/35

Please note that all the thresholds above are for guidance only; the thresholds are recalculated each year based on the national score distribution.

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