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Junior Kangaroo

The UKMT has been involved in Kangaroo activities for over 10 years and currently organises Kangaroo-style papers as follow-on rounds to the Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges. From June 2015 we will be running a Kangaroo follow-on round to the Junior Challenge, to be sat on the same day as the Junior Olympiad.

The Junior Kangaroo will be sat by invitation only. There is no fee for entry (and it isn't possible to enter by paying a fee).

Following the Junior Challenge, several thousand candidates in the UK, who have not qualified for the Junior Maths Olympiad, will be invited to take part in the Kangaroo.

The Junior Kangaroo is a one-hour multiple-choice paper, with 25 questions, which is sat in school. It is therefore similar to the Junior Challenge question paper (but more challenging!).

Certificates of merit are awarded to the top 25% and certificates of qualification to everyone else who takes part.

The Junior Kangaroo 2018 Merit threshold will be published when moderating of the results is complete.

The Junior Kangaroo 2017 Merit (top 25%) threshold was 89+

Please note this is for guidance only; thresholds are recalculated each year based on the national score distribution.

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