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Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad

Around 500 of the highest scorers in each school year are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad papers.

Schools with a UKMT centre number may enter pupils in the appropriate school years who did not qualify automatically. A fee is payable, and we would expect discretionary candidates to be talented mathematicians who e.g. were absent for the IMC or narrowly missed the qualifying threshold.

An online form is provided at the appropriate time of year, and the URL will be given in the IMC results documentation.

England and Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Cayley Year 9 or below S2 or below Year 10 or below
Hamilton Year 10 S3 Year 11
Maclaurin Year 11 S4 Year 12

All invited participants receive a UKMT keyfob and a Certificate of Qualification, Merit or Distinction depending on performance.
The top 100 students in each paper receive medals; coloured bronze for Cayley, silver for Hamilton and gold for Maclaurin.
Book prizes are awarded to the top 50 students in each paper. The titles vary from year to year.

Non-invited entrants i.e. those entered as discretionary candidates by their teachers, are entitled to all awards apart from Certificates of Qualification.

Here are the Intermediate Olympiad 2019 thresholds:
Cayley: Prize/Medal/Distn/Merit 52/50/49/10
Hamilton: Prize/Medal/Distn/Merit 38/31/28/8
Maclaurin: Prize/Medal/Distn/Merit 43/38/33/10
Please note these are for guidance only; the thresholds are recalculated each year based on the national score distribution.

Guidance notes [pdf]

  • Dr Frost Maths - Interactive system using UKMT Challenge and Olympiad questions.

Sample past papers

Sample solutions

You may buy collections of past papers.

For this year's dates, click here.

See link for keyfob puzzles.


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