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Intermediate Kangaroo

Kangourou sans Frontières (KSF) is an independent association, whose purpose is to organise the annual Kangaroo contest with the aim of promoting mathematics among young people around the world. The name sounds strange, but recognises the fact that the organisation was inspired by the Australian Mathematics Trust.

Each year over six million school pupils aged 5-18 from more than 50 countries throughout the world take part at various levels. So when you sit the Kangaroo you are part of a huge community of maths students! The UKMT has been involved in Kangaroo activities for many years and uses the hour-long multiple-choice papers (in English) as an extension to the Intermediate Challenge.

Further details can be found at the KSF website Kangourou sans Frontières.

Several thousand pupils who sit the Intermediate Challenge are invited to sit the grey or pink Kangaroo papers, dependent on school year.

The Intermediate Kangaroo 2019 thresholds:
Merit (Grey) 107+     Merit (Pink) 90+
Thresholds are recalculated each year based on the national score distribution.

The Kangaroo papers are taken no earlier than the third Thursday in March, and the papers and solutions cannnot be made public for one calendar month (Kangaroo organisation rules).

England and Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Grey Year 9 or below S2 or below Year 10 or below
Pink Year 10 and 11 S3 and S4 Year 11 and 12

Certificates of merit are awarded to the top 25%, certificates of qualification to everyone else taking part and keyfobs to everyone (see link for keyfob puzzles).

Past papers & solutions

You may buy collections of past papers.

For this year's dates, click here.


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