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Intermediate Mathematical Challenge

Latest news

  • Download a printable Certificate of Participation (PDF) for your students (double-sided; two per A4 page); most recent
  • Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2019 award and qualification thresholds (out of 135):
    • Bronze: 43-54
    • Silver: 55-70
    • Gold: 71+
    • Grey Kangaroo: 65+
    • Pink Kangaroo: 73+
    • Cayley: 91+
    • Hamilton: 99+
    • Maclaurin: 106+

NB For Kangaroo and Olympiad applicable school years see the Intermediate Kangaroo and Intermediate Olympiad pages.

About the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge

The Mathematical Challenges aim to stimulate mathematical problem solving.

The Intermediate Challenge is aimed at students in Year 11 or below (England and Wales), S4 or below (Scotland) and Year 12 or below (Northern Ireland).

How do I take part?

The competition is aimed at schools and colleges based in the UK. All entries must be made by recognised institutions, not individual students or their parents.

It's easy to take part:

  1. You complete our entry form (below) on behalf of your institution.
  2. We post the papers and instructions on how to administer the Challenge to your institution.
  3. You post the completed answer sheets back to us.
  4. We mark the papers and send you the results.

    Entry available from early August

Papers are posted to arrive roughly two weeks before the challenge date. If your school has not received your papers a week before the Challenge date, please contact us.

We do not make a profit from Mathematical Challenge entry fees. All the money we raise is spent on advancing the education of young people in mathematics by funding the Team Maths Challenges, Mathematical Circles, National Mathematics Summer Schools, Mentoring Schemes, Olympiad Training Camps and other work of the UKMT.

What happens after the challenge?

To recognise the highest performers in the Challenge we award the top-scoring 40% of participants bronze, silver and gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1.

In addition we invite around 1500 of the very highest performers to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and around 8000 to take part in the Intermediate Kangaroo.

We hope that taking part in the Mathematical Challenges is a stimulating and rewarding experience for all students. Teachers can use past Mathematical Challenges as a source of high-quality problems to encourage their students to think mathematically.

Past papers, solutions and extension material

See the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge archive.


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