Are you passionate about advancing the education of young people in mathematics?


Inspiring volunteers are at the very centre of our organisation.

We have over 500 volunteers working across the United Kingdom helping to nurture the next generation of young mathematicians.

Bring your mathematical enthusiasm to UKMT and join our incredible team. Make new friends, learn new skills and help evolve a love of mathematical problem solving in the widest possible group of young people.

We have a role for you, regardless of how much time you feel you can commit. 

Volunteering with us can be a very rewarding experience. There are excellent opportunities for professional development and valuable work experience


Volunteer Roles

Get involved helping run our team events.

Mentor one of our students.

Attend a Summer School.

Develop questions for our many competition papers.

Road test our material.

Mark our competition papers.


Ready to apply? We would love to hear from you. 


Submit an application using our online form. Our Volunteering Manager can provide further information about any roles that you are interested in.

Occasionally, we have specific opportunities and these are detailed below. Submit an application using our online form and please specify the role you are interested in.



Our current volunteering opportunities

Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee

Play your part in the leadership of our enrichment activities by becoming Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee.

Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee role description (PDF)


Event Coordinators for Regional Finals

We are looking for volunteers who can commit to leading or assisting with Regional Finals in both the Senior Team and Team Maths Challenges:

  • London and Southeast England (Team Maths Challenge) and
  • London, South Wales and Southeast England (Senior Team Maths Challenge).

Please read the role profile for the Team Maths Challenge role (PDF) and the Senior Team Maths Challenge role (PDF) and apply if you are interested.


Crossnumber question setter

Our crossnumber round is an integral part of our team challenges and we are looking for a talented question setter who can design this mathematical crossword.



Safer Recruitment Statement

The Trust is committed to practices that protect children from harm. The suitability of new volunteers will be assessed during our application procedure. New volunteers may be required to undertake a DBS check. Further details can be found in our safeguarding policy.