Help to advance the education of young people in mathematics

We have a variety of volunteering opportunities allowing you to help promote a love a problem solving. As well as helping to nurture the next generation of young mathematicians, being a volunteer with can be a very rewarding experience and provides excellent opportunities for professional development.

Each role requires a specific set of skills, travel requirements and time commitment, and we do our best to explain upfront what each role entails. 

You can get involved in one of the following ways.

  1. Fill out our expression of interest form. Our Volunteering Manager will contact you with further information about the roles and how to join us as a volunteer.
  2. Apply for a specific volunteering opportunity listed on this page by reading the role profile and following the instructions in the Application procedure section.
  3. Sign up to our monthly Volunteering Opportunities mailing list and apply for specific volunteering opportunities mentioned in there.

If you’re not yet sure whether you would like to join us as a volunteer, signing up for the mailing list is a good place to start.

Current volunteering opportunities

Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee

Play your part in the leadership of our enrichment activities by becoming Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee.

Chair of the Enrichment Executive Committee role description (PDF)

Mathematical Challenge and Olympiad problem setting

Becoming a problem setter for our Mathematical Challenges or Olympiads first involves submitting some problems for consideration by the relevant Problems Group. You can submit problems here, stating which competition you think they are suitable for.

Team and Senior Team Maths Challenge problem setting

We're looking for problem setters for the Team Maths Challenge (Crossnumber and Group rounds) and Senior Team Maths Challenge (Crossnumber and Group rounds).

You may wish to have a look at past materials from the Team Maths Challenge and Senior Team Maths Challenge.

Event Coordinators for Regional Finals

We are looking for volunteers who can commit to leading or assisting with Regional Finals in:

  • London and Southeast England (Team Maths Challenge) and
  • London, South Wales and Southeast England (Senior Team Maths Challenge).

Please read the role profile for the Team Maths Challenge role (PDF) and the Senior Team Maths Challenge role (PDF) and apply if you are interested.

To express interest in coordinating events a different area, please fill out our expression of interest form, and we will contact you if a vacancy becomes available.

Summer School volunteering

Join our experienced volunteers in delivering workshops at our National Mathematics Summer Schools. We are mainly looking for people who can commit to helping for a few days. 

We are already looking for volunteers interested in 2020 Summer Schools.

View the role description (PDF).