A gift in your will

Legacies to support our work are always gratefully received and enable us to advance the education of future generations in mathematics, in particular through the organization of mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for young people.

How gifts in wills help to advance the education of young people in mathematics

Your gift will help us to:

provide motivation and stimulate mathematical discussions amongst school students

Children throughout the school have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in UKMT Maths Challenges and have been positively encouraging to each other when they receive their results. My first years are really excited about sitting their test on Friday — they stated ‘Oh this is what my friend was talking about. It’s fun!!’

School teacher, Scotland, about the Junior Mathematical Challenge

stretch high-attaining students and help to develop skills that are difficult to teach

I’d just like to say what great resources the mentoring materials are! In lessons they add a richness and depth that, if used at the right time, make learning so much more interesting for some, and develop those intuitive skills that are so hard to teach — Thanks!

School teacher, Oxfordshire, about the Mentoring Scheme

introduce students to new mathematical experiences and open up the world of mathematics outside the school curriculum

I haven’t felt this intellectually stimulated in ages. Favourite aspect being around other bright interesting people around whom I am unafraid to show who I am — Thanks.

Student, after attending a Summer School

Leaving a gift in your will

After you have provided for the needs of your loved ones, please do consider leaving us a gift.

A charitable legacy to the UK Mathematics Trust could be a gift of money or of any other assets that you leave behind. While there are a number of options to consider, there are two main types of charitable legacies: residuary and pecuniary. A residuary legacy allows you to donate a share or percentage of an estate, whilst a pecuniary legacy is a gift of a specific amount of money or item.

Legacies to registered charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Including a gift to charity in your will not only help the good cause in question but will also normally reduce the overall Inheritance Tax liability since legacies to charities are deducted from the value of an estate before taxation.

To make a will or an amendment to an existing will is straightforward and less expensive than you might think. We are not qualified to offer legal advice and strongly recommend using a professional legal adviser such as a solicitor when drawing up such an important document.

Leaving us a gift in your will really makes a difference, no matter how small the gift. Your lasting legacy will help us develop and inspire mathematicians for generations to come. If you wish to include the UK Mathematics Trust in your will, the most important things to include are our full name and address and our charity number (see the bottom of this page for both).

If you are considering naming us in your will then please feel free to contact us to discuss the matter further.