Free resources for younger problem solvers

These digital resources are designed to support secondary schools running mathematics events for feeder schools. Any registered UKMT centre (including primary schools) may access the resources free of charge and use them as they wish. 

How do I get access?

To access the Primary Team Maths Resources, please complete this short form using your school email.  We will them contact you with a link to the resources.  The resources are not available to parents or private tutors.

What is in the pack of resources?

The resources are arranged into seven rounds, some of which are inspired by our Team Maths Challenge. Each round is designed for teams of four.

Group Round

Download sample Group Round (PDF)

Each team is given a set of questions, which they should divide up among themselves so that they can answer as many as possible in the allotted time.


Download sample Crossnumber (PDF)

The team splits into pairs. One pair tackles the down clues and the other tackles the across clues.


Download sample Shuttle (PDF)

Working in pairs, teams attempt sequences of four linked problems, where the answer to question one feeds into question two, and so on.


Download sample Relay (PDF)

This round combines teamwork and speed and involves contestants moving around the room.

Speed Test

Download sample Speed Test (PDF)

A quick-fire round where contestants aim to answer any many questions as possible correctly in the allotted time.


Download sample Logic round (PDF)

The contestants organize themselves as they wish in order to solve a challenging logic puzzle.

Make a Number

Contestants try to make target numbers using a set of six numbers and the standard arithmetic symbols.

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