Maths Miniatures 2019

We collaborated with the University of Leeds, MathsWorldUK and IMO 2019 Ltd to organize the Maths Miniatures 2019 competition.

Teams of students were invited to produce a short film about Mathematics in Sport. Students from 91 schools submitted videos into the competition.

Once again, the standard was very high and two rounds of judging were needed to identify a winner. Our judges first produced a longlist of 47 entries, then a shortlist of the highest-scoring seven videos were scored again by our judging panel.

First prize went to the team from Claires Court Schools - The College, Berkshire.


Six further teams were shortlisted for first prize. They were, in alphabetical order: Colfe's School, Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys, Lambrook School, Mary Hare School, St Benedict's Upper School, and Worle Community School.

View the shortlisted videos on YouTube.

Many congratulations to all participants and thanks to all the schools and teachers for their support.


Maths Miniatures 2018

The UKMT collaborated with the University of Leeds and MathsWorldUK again to organize the Maths Miniatures 2018 competition.

Teams of students were invited to produce a short film about Mathematics in the Natural World. Students from 75 schools participated and presented a wide range of mathematical concepts related to the real world, including the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, various geometrical topics, fractals and chaos theory.

They worked together as teams to communicate mathematical topics related to the natural world and gained skills presenting knowledge in video format.

The students have done a great job, so our two rounds of judges carefully considered all the videos and decided on the winners.

Joint first prize went to teams from Devonport High School for Girls and Thetford Grammar School.


Three further teams were highly commended: Ashlawn School, St Michaels Catholic Grammar School and Swanshurst School.

View the prize-winning videos on YouTube.

We congratulate all participants for their production of creative videos and thank all the schools and teachers for their encouragement and support.


Maths Miniatures 2017

Following the success of the MATRIX schools competition in 2016, MathsWorldUK and University of Leeds collaborated with UKMT and IMO 2019 Ltd to run Maths Miniatures, a short film competition.

Teams of students were invited to produce a short film on the subject of A Mathematical Surprise. Mathematics is of fundamental importance to our society and its citizens, but it also holds a lot of surprises, some of which are counter-intuitive. It’s also important that people learn to communicate mathematical thinking well. This competition was a way for students to work as a team and develop these skills!

The judging panel consisted of members of the four collaborating organizations. There were many strengths across the films, and the judges were faced with a difficult decision, the results of which are as follows.

First prize award to Barrow Sixth Form College for their video on a Non-Euclidean Surprise.

Joint runners-up prizes awarded to Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate for their video on The Ulam Spiral of Prime Numbers and St Wilfrid’s C of E Academy for their video on Monty’s Doors.


We thank all the participants for their efforts in producing a series of splendid videos and the teachers and schools for all their support.