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Stretching high-attaining young people

The British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 follows Round 1. It is a 3.5-hour competition consisting of four very challenging problems requiring full written solutions.

As well as challenging high-scorers from the Senior Mathematical Challenge, the British Mathematical Olympiad is an entry point to the training and selection programme for international competitions.

Changes for 2021

Written solutions will need to be returned to us by upload by midnight 28th January, rather than sent back in the post. Each solution will require a separate upload, so there will be four uploads (one per question) required for each student sitting the paper. This will be very similar to the process for BMO1 and more details on this will be available from the handbook on your Challenges Profile.

Students must sit the paper under exam conditions in school. If this is not possible please contact us.

Question papers will also be available to download from your Challenges Profile on 27th January.

If you order discretionary entries your BMO2 student usernames and passwords will be set up on your Challenges Profile (or your Profile set up if you don't already have one for your centre) after discretionary entries have closed on the 20th January.

How do I take part?

The Challenge is open to eligible students and those entered at the discretion of their schools.

We invite around 100 qualifying students from the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1. Students who did not take the BMO1, or who did not qualify for an invitation, may be entered into the Challenge at the discretion of their school.

How can I prepare for the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2?

Students preparing for the competition should look at our guidance and past British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 papers.

We also sell books which can help students to prepare for our competitions.

Can you help us?

If you or someone you know has benefited from our activities then please consider making a donation.

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British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 2020-21 (discretionary entry)
Thu 28 Jan 2021
23:59 on Wed 20 Jan 2021
23:59 on Wed 20 Jan 2021
Open to
Year 13 or below S6 or below Year 14 or below
£29.00 per paper
Entries to this competition are either not open yet or have already closed.