Stretching high-attaining young people

The British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 is a follow-on round to the Senior Mathematical Challenge. As well as challenging high-scorers from the Senior Mathematical Challenge, the British Mathematical Olympiad is an entry point to the training and selection programme for international competitions.

Date: 2 December 2021

Eligible year groups: England, Wales and Overseas - Year 13 and below, Scotland - S6 and below, Northern Ireland - Year 14 and below

Time allowed: 3.5 hours

Entry fee: Free via invitation or £22 per paper via discretionary

Discretionary entries will open on the same day results for the Senior Mathematical Challenge are released.

How to take part

The Challenge is open to eligible students and those entered at the discretion of their schools.

We invite around 1,000 qualifying students from the Senior Mathematical Challenge to take part in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1. Students who did not take the Senior Mathematical Challenge, or who did not reach the qualifying threshold, may be entered into the Challenge at the discretion of their school.

Invitations to participate in BMO1 will be indicated alongside results from the Senior Mathematical Challenge. Question papers will be available to download and print before the Olympiad date.

Certificates, medals and prizes

The top 25% of scorers receive a Certificate of Distinction; the next 45% receive a Certificate of Merit. Each of the top 20 scorers receive a gold medal, the next 30 a silver medal and the next 50 a bronze medal. All medalists will also be awarded a book prize; the title varies from year to year. Each qualifying student receives a Certificate of Qualification or Participation depending on their entry route.

Around 100 eligible top-scorers will be invited to sit the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2.

The 2020 award thresholds were:

Distinction 18+, Merit 10+

British Mathematical Olympiad Round 2 qualification threshold

27+ (yr 13, S6, NI14), 26+ (yr 12, S5, NI13), 24+ (yr 11, S4, NI12 and below)

Preparing for the Challenge

The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls papers provide excellent preparation for BMO1 and for the Hamilton and Maclaurin Olympiads.

Students preparing for the competition should look at our guidance and past British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 papers.

We also sell books which can help students to prepare for our competitions.

Contributing to our work

As a charity, we do not make a profit from entry fees. We spend all the money we raise on advancing the education of young people in mathematics. If you would like to support us further then please consider making a donation.

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything UKMT does from creating the Challenges to running our Enrichment activities. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us please do get in touch.