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Senior Team Challenge

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The Senior Team Maths Challenge (STMC) is jointly organised by the UKMT and the Further Maths Support Programme.

The STMC is a competition testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills, and students compete against teams from other schools and colleges from their region.

Each school or college is invited to enter a team of four pupils for a Regional Final, chosen from:

England and Wales School Years 11, 12 and 13
Scotland School Years S5 and S6
Northern Ireland School Years 12, 13 and 14

Pupils in younger year groups can make up a team, however, no more that two pupils from the older age group are allowed (i.e. no more than two pupils from Year 13 in England and Wales, or S6 in Scotland, or Year 14 from Northern Ireland).

Each team must be accompanied by an adult who must stay throughout the duration of the competition.

How the STMC Works

Download materials to use in school. Teachers can run the activities in the classroom for the enjoyment of all pupils, or use the materials to help select the team of four pupils to represent your school at a Regional Final event.

Regional Final Event

Held at various venues during November.

Enter your team for the STMC Regional Final day. Your team of four pupils will then represent your school or college at a pre-arranged regional event.

Regional Final days run at over 50 centres across the United Kingdom, during the autumn term. Entry costs £30.

STMC National Final

Winners were invited to a national final on February 5th 2013 in London.

The final in 2014 will be held at the Camden Centre on Tuesday February 4th.

Overview of the Rounds

Group Competition

There are ten questions which the teams have around 40 minutes to solve. Teams must decide their own strategy: work in pairs, as a group or individually.


Similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Teams work in pairs. One pair has the across clues, and the other pair has the down clues. Pairs work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction.

Mini Relay

Members of the team have to answer mathematical questions which they can begin work on immediately but information passed from other members of the team is needed to solve them completely.

Download full instructions and sample STMC materials
Solutions to and discussion of the STMC poster round


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