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Senior Kangaroo

The UKMT has been involved in Kangaroo activities for over 10 years (see Intermediate Kangaroo) and more recently has started using hour-long Kangaroo-style papers as one of the follow-on rounds to the Senior Challenge.

The Senior Kangaroo is sat by invitation only.

There is no fee for entry (and it isn't possible to enter by paying a fee). Following the Senior Challenge, 3,000 or so candidates in the UK, who have not qualified for BMO1, are invited to take part in the Kangaroo.

The Senior Kangaroo is a one-hour paper with 20 multiple choice questions. All the questions require 3-digit answers (using leading zeros where necessary) entered onto a machine-readable sheet similar to those used for the Senior Challenge. This is the first competition of its kind to be organised by the UKMT i.e. a challenge which is not multiple choice but which is nevertheless marked by machine.

Certificates of merit are awarded to the top 25% and certificates of participation to everyone else who takes part.

Sample past papers / Solutions

The Senior Kangaroo 2013 threshold was:
Merit 60+
Please note this is for guidance only; thresholds are recalculated each year based on the national score distribution.

For this year's dates, click here.

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