A Problem Solver's Handbook (£15)Andrew Jobbings


This book is an informal guide to Intermediate Olympiads, not only for potential candidates, but for anyone wishing to tackle more challenging problems. The discussions of sample questions aim to show how to attack a problem which may be quite unlike anything seen before. Includes 10 years' IMOK Olympiad papers (Cayley, Hamilton, Maclaurin) and their solutions. For ages 13-16.

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Latest News

  • The IMC thresholds are as follows:

    Bronze       37-48
    Silver       49-63
    Gold         64+

    Grey         61
    Pink         68
    Cayley       81
    Hamilton     88
    Maclaurin    95

    Results will be posted w/c 23 Feb. Extended IMC solutions are available.

    See our Intermediate Kangaroo and Olympiad pages for information and sample materials.

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Challenge dates

  1. Senior Challenge

    Thursday 5 November 2015

    Closing date for entry

    TBA - entries taken from July 2015

  2. Intermediate Challenge

    Thursday 4 February 2016

    Closing date for entry

    TBA - entries taken from July 2015

  3. Junior Challenge

    Thursday 30 April 2015

    Closing date for entry

    Mon 9 March 2015

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